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  Life leaves traces – including on teeth. An accident playing your favorite sport or a nasty fall can leave a gap in your smile at any stage of life. Cavities & gum disease may cost you a few teeth or a whole row over the years. A stressful situation – but no more. If You have the problem, the solution is right there. 

What is a dental implant?

 A dental implant is an artificial tooth with a tooth root in the form of a screw made of pure titanium that is placed in the bone surgically. After the implant or the screw is fused to bone, the head is placed on the implant, on top of which the crown identical to the natural tooth is fabricated & placed 

Who is the right candidate for dental implants?

Anybody with 

- Single missing tooth in one or more spaces . An implant saves the two neighboring teeth from getting cut & also makes it look lifelike

- Multiple missing teeth( more than three missing teeth altogether ) where any other fixed restoration ( bridge ) is not possible.

- No teeth where dentures have to be worn, implants support the denture from becoming loose.

Why implants?

- more esthetic

- saves adjoining teeth from being cut for bridges

- gives a natural feel thus boosting the confidence

- better efficiency in chewing than dentures

- dentures can be supported from coming off loose

- since it becomes a part of your body, its 100% you

What is 'Teeth in a day'?

'Teeth in a day' is a common advertising slogan in dental clinics This is typically a bit misleading as few people are really able to get a dental implant in a day, and even then it tends to be a two-day affair. Unfortunately, “teeth in a day” is more hype than reality.

Are dental implants painful?

Most patients do experience some minor discomfort the first day after their dental implant surgery and may still have a little residual pain the second day, but when compared to tooth extraction dental implants  tend to be less painful.

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